Electronic Voice Phenomena Experiments

The EVP Experience  

Who should attend these events?
These events are aimed at anyone with an interest in EVP. They will appeal to the many people who have attended a previous Ghost Event, enjoyed the EVP experiments and would like to take a closer look at this fascinating phenomena. The event is also aimed at people who want to take a first look at attempting to capture spirit voices on audio recording equipment. No previous experience of EVP or paranormal investigating is neccessary as a full briefing will be given before the event begins.

Join Mark as he takes a more in-depth look at the this exciting aspect of investigating the paranormal!

Need more information about EVP? Take a look at Mark Andrew Turner's EVP research website at www.evpuk.com

The Events
  • EVP Briefing
  • 4 Hours Of In-Depth EVP Experiments In The Most Paranormally Active Areas
  • Constant Analysis Of Results Throughout The Evening
  • Full Access To Recordings After The Event Via Our Website


  • £35 Per Person

You can book for these events by using the booking buttons under your preferred event date. You have the option of paying in full, or deposit only. A booking deposit of £15 is accepted to guarantee your tickets. The remaining balance is due no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. We also accept cheques, telephone 07512 248996 for details. By booking this event you agree to abide by our terms & conditions.


New dates coming soon!

The EVP Experience

The EVP Experience is an event designed to take a closer look at Electronic Voice Phenomena. This paranormal investigation process involves running audio recording equipment to attempt to record what is believed to be spirit voices.

The events are hosted by Mark Andrew Turner. Mark has been researching EVP for the past 7 years and also co-founded The EVP Research Association UK.

Each event is four hours long and consists of an initial briefing, followed by a tour the location conducting EVP experiments in areas that are thought to be the most paranormally active. Each audio file is analysed immediately using a laptop computer. This constant analysis will be conducted throughout the event.





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